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Micronised Flaked Maize
Micronised Flaked Maize
Micronised Flaked Maize
  • Micronised Flaked Maize
  • Micronised Flaked Maize
  • Micronised Flaked Maize

Flaked Maize

Conditioning, high energy flakes
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Our high-quality flaked maize is a delicious and high-energy snack loved by all manner of birds, particularly robins, thrushes, and blackbirds. We include flaked maize in our delicious Ground BlendRaisin Free Ground Blend and Table Mix.

Our flaked maize is also suitable for horses and small pets such as rabbits. All species can reap the benefits of having flaked maize introduced into their diet, including improved growth. Micronized maize has special implications where small intestine amylase production is low (young livestock, companion animals, horses).

Typical Micronized Flaked Maize Analysis

Dry Matter 86%, Moisture 14%, Protein 8.5%, Oil 3.8%, Fibre 2%, Ash 1.3%

Flaked Maize Storage

Your micronised flaked maize should be stored somewhere cool and dry. We recommend that it should be used within 5 months of purchase - just to make sure it stays fresh and nutritious.

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Flaked Maize FAQs

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