Dried Mealworms

These high protein, freeze-dried mealworms are adored by hedgehogs and offer a really good food choice especially in the late Autumn months and Early Spring where there may be few natural insects and food sources around. The easiest way to feed them is to put the dried mealworms into a steep sided dish - or you can scatter them on the ground.



100g pouch
Ref. MWD100     
250g bag
Ref. MWD250     
500g bag
Ref. MWD500     
1kg bag
Ref. MWD1000     
5.5l Tub(@1kg)
Ref. MWDTUB     
2kg bag
Ref. MWD2000     
5kg Mega Box -Massive Savings!
Ref. MWD5000     


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