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Kinsman Giant Bee Nester

Kinsman Giant Bee Nester

A high capacity nesting habitat for cavity nesting solitary bees like leafcutter, and red mason bees
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This simple but effective habitat provides a large number of cavities for these non-swarming and non-aggressive bees which are highly effective pollinators of plants and encouraging them to increase their numbers will improve yields of vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Solitary bees are non-aggressive so they are perfectly safe to encourage into the garden and will not be a danger to children or pets. Once the bees start to use this nester, it will be used year after year as the population increases. The individual tubes can be removed so that egg cells can be introduced to gardens in other geographical areas.

Dimensions: H 164mm x W 90mm x L 90mm

  • Provides up to 360 potential bee cells
  • Environmentally friendly construction
  • Bee tubes can be moved and resited
  • Easy to install and / or move
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