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The school holidays are fast approaching, which means it's time to start thinking of some things to do with the kids! It's certainly been a bit of a strange year, and with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, it might not be possible to do the things you'd normally do in the school holidays.

But don't worry, there are a lot of fun things you can do, and we've got loads of ideas to help you get going! So, while holidays abroad might be off the table, let's take a look at some of the fun things you can do locally during the summer holidays.

1. Create a bug or butterfly house

One way to get the kids out in the garden and engaging with nature is by creating a bug or butterfly house! These fun little homes will attract a range of creatures that you and your children can observe. Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we offer both butterfly and bug house kits from the National Trust that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Take a look at our butterfly house below.

butterfly house

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2. Grow some plants

Another fun activity that you can do with children during the summer holidays is growing plants. Most kids love getting their hands dirty & rummaging in the mud, so why not purchase some fruit, vegetable and flower seeds and start planting? The kids will love watching their plants grow and develop in the sunshine! We offer some great wildflower seeds mixes that attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Take a look at some of them below.


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3. Plan a picnic

On those especially sunny days, it's a great idea to take the kids outdoors for a family picnic! Pack up their favourite sandwiches, some healthy snack and drinks and head to a local park. We've got some great eco-friendly products that you can use for your day out, for example our lunch bags, cooler bags and ponchos - perfect when you're caught in an un-expected British storm.

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4. Go animal spotting

Taking children outdoors to see different kinds of animals and creatures in the flesh can be a really educational and enjoyable experience in the summer holidays. They spend a lot of their time cooped up in class rooms, in front of the TV or their phones, and many children have lost touch with the natural world around them! We have a host of different nature guides that you can use to help you spot and identify animals like ducks, bats, frogs and more, We even have guides for different fruits and seeds, why don't you take the kids foraging and see what delicious treats you can find for free in your local area... you might be surprised.

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More School Holiday Ideas!

  • Create a home cinema (complete with popcorn)
  • Go on a bike ride in your local area
  • Hold your own sports day in the garden
  • Create a treasure hunt
  • Build a den (inside or in the garden)
  • Bake some cakes (everyone loves cake!)

We hope that you find some school holiday ideas here that you can try with your own children or grandchildren. We hope you enjoy the summer holidays and make the most of the nice weather! 

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