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Flutterby™ Feeder and Nectar

Flutterby™ Feeder and Nectar

This specially designed feeder is ideal for those who want to attract more butterflies to their garden!
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Would you like to attract more butterflies into your garden?  The wonderful "Flutterby" ™ is the first feeder specifically designed to attract and feed butterflies, who react favourably to the yellow colour and flower shape.

The "Flutterby" has a 12 fluid oz nectar capacity with a built-in ant guard moat. Butterflies have a proboscis tongue that can reach the nectar through the holes, which are made too small for bees.There are also 3 areas on which to place small fruit segments which butterflies like.

It can be hung or be pole mounted. Pole not included. Simple assembly and dimensions are: H.220mm (with hanger) D.210mm

The butterfly nectar is a butterfly food - not just an attractant. Contains amino acids and salts which are important for butterfly health.

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