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Are you a bird lover who’s trying to attract more unusual and wild bird species into your garden?

Having a good understanding of the best wild bird food to offer in your garden will dramatically improve your chances of drawing a wide range of wild birds into your garden.

For many wild birds, the only food available to them is whatever can be scavenged from the local shrubs, bushes and, of course, the ground. So, as you can imagine - it's slim pickings. More...

A much-loved garden-dweller across the globe, the songful sparrow is a welcome addition to any garden, providing a cheery sight and a wholesome ambience.

However, a decline in numbers has led to concern over the humble sparrow’s ability to survive in the UK. 

In fact, certain areas of the UK (such as Yorkshire and London) have seen the population of House Sparrows in particular drop by a staggering 70% between 1995 and 2017, according to the Breeding Bird Survey 2018.



We grow our own sunflowers right here at Street End Farm, which means that we can offer you fully traceable, home-grown black sunflower seeds of the highest cleanliness and quality. We sow our sunflower seeds in May, and harvest the heads in October. Once harvested, the seeds are triple-cleaned on the farm.

Black sunflower seeds remain a firm favourite among garden birds, who crack open the relatively thin seed coat to access the oil-rich kernel. Sunflower hearts (the sunflower seeds minus the black outer husks) are also very popular - they offer an easily-available source of energy, and they don't leave behind any messy husks under your feeding station!

Looking to treat your garden birds to some top-quality sunflower seeds? Here's what we have to offer...

Sunflower Hearts

Premium Sunflower Hearts

Our bakery-grade sunflower hearts are an easily accessible energy source for garden birds. The whole sunflower heart gets eaten, meaning no waste and no seed husks to clean up!

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Sunflower Heart Chips

Sunflower Heart Chips

These bite-sized sunflower heart fragments are ideal for fledgling birds in the summertime.

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Black Sunflower Seeds

Black Sunflower Seeds

A cost-effective alternative to peanuts, with a relatively thin seed coat that makes it easy for garden birds to get at the kernel within.

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Striped Sunflower Seeds

Striped Sunflower Seeds

These striped seeds are slightly larger than our standard black sunflower seeds, and their shells are a little tougher. These seeds are beloved by birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches

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We also sell a variety of feeders that are ideal for sunflower hearts. We recommend this sturdy steel sunflower heart feeder:

Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Bird Feeder

Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder >

If you would like to know more about how we produce our sunflower seeds, this information can be found on our Growing Sunflowers page.



A delicious and very high energy seed mix, containing crunchy dried mealworms for extra protein and delicious berry flavoured suet pellets for extra warming calories.

Well - who doesn't put on a few pounds over Christmas?!

This crumble is a real winter-warmer for your resident robin and will be loved by other soft-billed garden visitors such as thrushes, dunnocks and blackbirds. This mix also contains home grown naked oats, home grown millet, sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal and peanut granules.

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We would recommend that you put your Christmas Crumble™ in a Robin Feeder, ( so you don't waste any ) but really, you can offer it in any small dish or even sprinkle a handful on a bird table, feeding platform or on the ground.

Merry Christmas from us all here on the farm!

Putting bird food out in the garden for the birds is the best way to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. It is always great to have a garden full of wild birds. And to make sure that these visit your garden often you should keep on filling up those feeders frequently.

Birds can also have their own food preferences however. For instance goldfinches love Niger seeds and sunflower hearts while blackbirds love soaked raisins. The tree sparrows on the other hand love millet and plain canary seeds. Peanuts are a favourite amongst the Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and Long Tailed Tits, Nuthatches and the Great Spotted Woodpecker.
So when all these different birds have such different preferences, why not try and stock your feeders with a maximum variety of seeds so as to attract a wide variety of different birds?

At Really Wild Bird Food, we have come up with this new Mini Pick and Mix concept wherein you can select 2kgs of any of our Seed Mixes, Straight Seeds or Peanuts! With this offer you can combine some good varieties in a cost effective manner. Choice of seeds is completely up to you and you can choose from 2 to 6 selections of 2kg bags.
At The Really Wild Bird Food Company we have a wide variety of bird feed options to choose from and with this new Mini Pick and Mix concept you can mix and match any combination and save money too!