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Garden hedgehog

It's currently Hedgehog Awareness Week (3rd - 9th May 2020), and if you're looking for ways to look after these spiny sweethearts, you're in the right place.

Hedgehogs are still a fairly common sight in the UK, but their numbers are thought to be declining. Life can be a bit dangerous for a garden hedgehog - every November, we're reminded to check for hedgehogs before lighting the Guy Fawkes Night bonfire, but why stop at that? There are plenty of other things you can do to make the world a friendlier place for these much-loved creatures.


We are all encouraged to host a wide variety of wildlife in the garden. Apart from garden birds you can encourage bees, bats, butterflies and lots more bugs etc.

One way is to establish more wild flowers. At Really Wild Bird Food we have a wide range of wildflower seeds to transform your garden into a haven for the pollinating species! These wildflower seeds are a blend of extremely colourful ANNUAL garden and wild flowers perfect for brightening up areas of the large garden, estate or farm. With a striking mass of flower heads it attracts many different insects and invertebrates.

We also stock an interesting range of new homes for the Bees, Butterflies and Bugs. These are also the best and the most effective means to encourage a wide variety of bees, bugs and butterflies to your garden. These gorgeous and attractive new homes are lovely for them and will help in turning your garden very wildlife friendly.

See, for example The Original Bug Box
This is an attractive dual chamber insect habitat which can be hung from trees, pergolas, hanging brackets, or near ponds or scented plants. It provides an over-wintering habitat for insects like Ladybirds (natural aphid predators) and a home for Solitary Bees (non-aggressive garden pollinators) and other beneficial insects during the summer. Offering a variety of potential habitats, the top section is made of variable sized canes and the lower of bored solid timber. It is robustly screwed together and made from durable FSC timber with a roof of oak/acacia, or similar, which is naturally resistant to weathering.

To help you know more about your garden visitors, we have a wide range of Field Guides to help identify what you see.

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 hedgehog habitats

Photo courtesy of Jared Belson

There are about 17 different hedgehog species all over the world. Hedgehogs are commonly found across a number of rural as well as urban habitats and are found in almost all parts of Britain. Woodlands are their natural habitats and they often prefer being near hedgerows which provide them with the ideal place for nesting and also a steady supply of feed and protection from the predators.

Hedgehogs are also frequent visitors to our gardens as these gardens provide them with plenty of food that is naturally available as well as the supplementary supply put out by people. Gardens also provide them with a safe place for nesting and even in certain cases hibernation. This is the main reason why hedgehogs are often found in high numbers in urban areas.

Since hedgehogs are frequent visitors to our gardens, we have introduced new wicker Igloo Houses, especially for these special friends. These houses offer the hedgehogs as well as certain other mammals a safe retreat for nesting and resting, protecting them from hazards such as predators and man-made hazards such as garden machinery etc. These Igloo Houses are dome shaped with a durable and waterproof steel frame coated with brushwood and moss which offers effective camouflage.

Placing these Igloos in sheltered areas with an additional camouflage of twigs etc might ensure that these are used not just for nesting but for hibernation as well. The tiny entrance of the house makes it difficult for the large predators to gain access inside thus making these safe havens for the hedgehogs. These wicker Igloo Houses are the perfect options to lure the hedgehogs to your garden and create a permanent home for them on your property.

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