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bumble bee hovering around bright yellow sun flower 

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem – in fact, they’re a part of almost every ecosystem across the world. Bees are responsible for the pollination of most fruit and veg, making them an essential part of our survival.

Here are some fun facts bees that might surprise you...


Wildflowers are a great addition to any garden for a wide number of reasons. Their beautiful vibrance brings a radiant splash of colour to any outdoor space, and their varying shapes and sizes are totally unique and promise something new every year with every new bloom.

Not only are wildflowers beautiful, but they also do a great amount to support your local ecosystem. Bees and butterflies love them, and bees are great pollinators so their presence will help your garden flourish and support local biodiversity. Although planting a few wildflower seeds in your garden might not seem like much, but every little helps.


Birds eating suet cakes from a garden feeder

Suet cakes are a wonderful high-fat snack for our little feathered friends, and are a great source of essential nutrients. Their high-fat content makes them a perfect treat for the winter months, but they can be enjoyed all year round.




The UK has three native species of woodpecker; the great spotted woodpecker, the lesser spotted woodpecker and the green woodpecker. As well known as they are, "seen but not heard" definitely isn't an expression that would ever be used to describe woodpeckers!

Taking a walk through the woods you may often hear the tell-tale thrumming and knocking of a woodpecker nearby, but you'd be lucky if you happened to catch a glimpse of their distinctive red head and stripy wings. More...

Best feeder for small birds

There's no shortage of bird feeders on the market: seed feeders, peanut feeders, peanut butter feeders, window feeders, hanging feeders, ground feeders...the list goes on and on.