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We were expecting June to be a scorching month but it’s been surprisingly damp! We can’t complain because it’s kept our crops happy and healthy. So, what’s been going happening on the farm this month?

Mud Glorious Mud at The Cereals Event

On the 17th June Richard headed off to the annual 'Cereals Event' at Boothby Graffoe, just south of Lincoln. This is the main technical event of the year for arable farmers, and the best opportunity to learn about advances in arable farming.

Normally he looks forward to a well-earnt ice cream (or two) but this year there was no sign of the ice cream van. Instead, there was lots of rain! 

In total, 5.5 inches of rain fell in just 4 days. Luckily the showground was on free draining soil so whilst it was a little muddy, as you will see from these photos - the show did go on!

Wheat Leaves Curling up to Retain Moisture

In total contrast, towards the end of May and into the beginning of June some of our crops were exhibiting real signs of 'heat stress'; with significant leaf curl. The leaves curl right up to reduce the surface area for water evaporation; a clever in-built protective mechanism.

curling leaves

The Squirrels Get Thirsty Too!

These photos show the damage that squirrels can do when they get thirsty during periods of drought. You can see the large bald patch on the edge of the wheat field and the neat pile of stripped plants where the squirrels have been sucking the moisture from the leaves. It's not just your bird feeders that they love to trash!

squirrel crop damage

A Lovely Crop of Spring Beans

The rain that fell in June has helped the crops immensely. The spring beans have grown a lot since the rainfall and now look really well and the canary seed and millet, which were struggling in the dry conditions have made a good recovery. We planted winter naked oats this year because spring naked oats don't like dry springs - so that decision proved to be the right one!

spring beans

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Well, we're off to prepare for harvest now. Combine to clean and get ready, tractors and trailers to be serviced, and the grain store to clean down and prepare. Quite a lot to do!

Enjoy your birds and thank you, as always, for your business.

Best wishes