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Looking after pet birds

If you own birds, you already know how important it is to take extra care of your pets during periods of sweltering heat and blistering cold.

With winter quickly creeping up on us, we thought it was time to share some tips for looking after birds in winter.

So whether you've got budgies, parrots or lovebirds, we hope you find the answers to these common questions useful!


Should I keep my pet birds indoors?

Absolutely! Many pet birds like parrots and lovebirds come from exotic climates. There are very few pet bird species that can tolerate the freezing temperatures we encounter here in the UK, so it's always best to move your pet birds somewhere indoors as winter approaches. You wouldn't like to be left outside in the cold, and neither would they.

Don't worry, though - you won't have to keep them inside permanently. In fact, your birds will more than likely appreciate the seasonal change of scenery!


How cold is too cold for pet birds?

Keeping an eye on the temperature of the room your bird is staying in over winter will help make sure they don't get too chilly. You can use a small electric heater to keep the room warm, but be conscious of the humidity. If the air in the room becomes too dry, your pet bird's mucous membranes may become dry and irritated.

Why not pop your birdcage in the bathroom while you take a bath? Of course, the bird(s) will be fantastic company and they'll be able to inhale some steam to counteract any dryness. Alternatively, invest in a humidifier to restore a normal level of humidity in the room. It's also a good idea to cover your pet bird's cage with a sheet or blanket at night time, as this will help keep them warm and cosy!

Pet bird

How much food should I give my pet birds in winter?

Your pet birds may eat a little more than usual during the winter so it's important you provide them with a healthy balanced diet. Not only will this help them gain a little weight to stay warm, but it will also provide them with plenty of vitamins to boost their immune system. A strong immune system will help your feathered friend fight off any illnesses floating around.

Want to stock up on some extra caged and aviary bird food? Choose a selection of birdseed from our brand new caged and aviary pick and mix range, or opt for a few of our tasty trial packs to ruffle your bird's tastebuds!


Should I give my pet bird warm water to drink?

No one (pet birds included) wants to drink freezing cold water when there's a nip in the air! Why not treat your pet birds to a lukewarm beverage? This will help to moisturise their mucous membranes a little but will also help warm them through. Your bird might also enjoy a shallow bath of warm water to bathe in, just make sure they've dried off properly afterwards so they don't catch a chill.

If you have any more queries about caring for your pet birds in winter, tweet us! Our resident vet Lesley can offer some advice.

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