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feeding birds in winter

When the temperature starts to fall, lots of natural sources of bird food suddenly become unavailable. The berries, seeds and fruits that they might normally find in the hedgerows have all been eaten and the plants themselves have started to die back.

In addition, the ground becomes much harder than usual making it difficult for birds to dig for worms and grubs. It's this time of year when the bird feeders in your garden are more important than ever.

What should you feed garden birds in winter?

Here are some of our top picks if you're unsure what to offer the birds in your garden this winter. We always recommend offering a variety of different foods in different types of bird feeders so you can cater for as many bird species as possible. 

All of these bird foods are high in fats, protein and nutrients - all of which garden birds are lacking during the winter months. Did you know that we offer a range of birdseed mixes that are perfect for feeding birds in winter? One of our best sellers is Christmas Crumble...

Our Christmas Crumble

christmas crumble

Every year we create a wonderfully festive version of our popular Deluxe Robin Crumble called Christmas Crumble. This delicious birdseed mix contains a high-energy seed mix, crunchy dried mealworms and berry flavoured suet pellets, loved by soft-billed garden visitors like thrushes and blackbirds.

Many of the ingredients, including the millet and naked oats, are grown right here on the Really Wild Bird Food farm! We really do believe in providing your birds with the best quality food over winter. 

During the month of December, you can also SAVE 10% when you buy our Christmas Crumble! Don't miss out...

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Our new EnviroMix


If you're trying to be more eco-friendly this winter, we can help with that too. We've created our very own Enviromix which contains 100% homegrown seeds. Why does this matter? Well, lots of other bird foods that you find on the shelves of supermarkets are brought into the UK from overseas.

This means they rack up a lot of air and road miles. Our EnviroMix however, is grown right here on our farm, so we can offer you sustainable birdseed with a tiny carbon footprint. This is an ideal choice for feeding the birds in winter.

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For more information about feeding birds and providing water in winter, be sure to check out our other winter resources below. If you have any questions about feeding your birds this winter, we'd love to hear from you. Why not drop us an email -

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