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As the summer begins to drift further and further away in the rear-view mirror, the days begin to get shorter and the temperature predictably drops with seasonal regularity. There’s no escaping it: the autumn has undoubtedly arrived and winter is once again well on its way.

With that being said, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about how you plan on feeding your feathery garden visitors over the coming months. 

As the winter draws near, the colder weather makes life tough for many garden birds, particularly when it comes to sourcing food. Give your colourful companions a helping hand this year by providing them with a winter bird feeder to see them through the season.


Best Winter Bird Feeders

Unsurprisingly, garden bird feeders are a veritable magnet for feathery tourists, particularly in the wintertime where food is scarce.

In fact, the simple addition of a good winter bird feeder can turn your garden into a bustling habitat, making it a hot spot for local birds.

However, knowing which bird feeder to choose for your winter garden can be a tough task. To help get you started, we’ve highlighted a handful of the best birdy buffets available now at Really Wild Bird Food.


Fat Ball Feeder Rings

Fat is a fantastic source of calories for hungry birds during the winter period, which makes our fatball feeder ring a must-have item.

Resembling a Christmas wreath, this feeder can hold up to 10 fatballs making it the perfect gift for your garden visitors!

Fancy something a little smaller? No problem, we also offer a small fatball feeder ring that can hold 6 tasty fatballs. Another adequate offering that your feathered friends are bound to love.

When it's time to refill your fat ball feeder, we recommend giving our tasty super suet fatballs with insects a try.

They contain 50% more fat than traditional fatballs which provides extra energy. They won't crumble in cold temperatures are much softer (and easier to eat) than other fatballs. They're definitely a great choice for this time of year!!


Suet Feeders

Readily eaten by a variety of garden birds including woodpeckers and blue tits, suet blocks make for a great wintry meal for hungry birds.

Available in two varieties, our less mess suet feasts have proved to be very popular with garden birds during the winter months, offering a “berry and bugs” option and a “mealworm and insect” alternative, both at a fantastic price.

Simply place these suet blocks into a single suet feast holder and hang from your location of choice. The convenient side-opening means no messy suet handling, allowing you to refill with ease.

To cater to a larger population of birds, why not invest in one of our multiple suet feast holders and give you feathered friends a birdy banquet to remember this winter. These are particularly good for woodpeckers and long-tailed tits who love the extra feeding space.


Salzburg Metal Seed Feeder

Providing dry storage for ample supply of seed or sunflower hearts, our Salzburg metal seed feeder is the perfect container for keeping your bird food dry and edible in wintry conditions.

Made from a stylish grey, metallic metal, this seed feeder not only looks good, it performs just as well, featuring a central seed hopper and 4 perspex sliding panels that allow easy refill and cleaning.

Providing your garden visitors with the perfect perch to pick at, this attractive seed feeder is a useful addition that’s both practical and pleasing to the eye.

For more information on the best winter bird feeders for your garden, why not drop us a line and speak with our expert team today? Call now on 01489 896785 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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