Best feeder for small birds

There's no shortage of bird feeders on the market: seed feeders, peanut feeders, peanut butter feeders, window feeders, hanging feeders, ground feeders...the list goes on and on.

With so many options available, it can be a little intimidating when you're trying to decide what sort of bird feeder you actually want in your garden. If you’re looking to bring more small birds into your garden, here are some examples of bird feeders that are ideal for smaller birds.


Why do I need a bird feeder for smaller birds?

It may seem an odd concept, having a bird feeder that specifically caters to smaller birds. Surely they eat the same food as the bigger birds?

Well yes, that’s often true. But in your garden - especially in winter when food is scarce - things can get competitive. The bigger birds like crows and pigeons can quickly eat all your feed, leaving nothing left for the smaller species.

By investing in bird feeders that are restrictive or difficult for bigger birds to get to, you’re making sure that the smaller birds have their share and don’t go hungry.


Which bird feeders AREN'T suitable for small birds?

Ground feeders and seed trays are all perfectly fine bird feeding options, but unfortunately their open nature and lack of restrictions makes them accessible to any and all birds, so if you’re looking for a feeder that's just for small birds, these won’t do.

Whilst these feeders aren’t ideal for smaller birds, they can be protected by cages that prevent large rodents such as squirrels getting in, and can also be restrictive to larger birds such as seagulls. Depending on what specific birds you wish to feed there are different options available, but this ground feeder guardian one is one of our favourites!

ground feeder guardian mesh cage

Ground Feeder Guardian


What makes a good feeder for small birds?

When looking for a feeder for smaller birds, there are a few traits you should look out for.

Bird feeders designed with smaller birds in mind will usually have a smaller landing platform, and either a narrow entrance or overhang to make the space difficult for larger birds to perch or enter.


You can also get some sweet novelty bird feeders designed with specific small birds in mind. For example, this charming blue tit feeder is a good example of the petite design that makes a good feeder for smaller birds.

Not only will this feeder brighten up your garden, it’s also a great way to show your consideration for our smaller winged friends!

Ceramic blue tit feeder

Ceramic Blue Tit Feeder

Another example of a good bird feeder for smaller birds is this little feeder that's been designed with robins in mind. Of course, any small bird could benefit from the low hanging dome shelter, which keeps out larger birds and raindrops alike.

small robin bird feeder

'I Love Robins' Feeder

Caged feeders for small birds

nuttery products, caged feeders

From left to right:

Here you can see a selection of our Nuttery caged bird feeders. Caged feeders are absolutely ideal for small birds because they provide protection from predators like squirrels and cats. The gaps between the cage bars are large enough that the small birds can pop their heads through to eat but small enough to prevent unwanted visitors. As you can see, small birds will use the bars of the cage to perch while they eat from the caged feeder. Aside from the Nuttery feeders that you can see here, we offer a wide range of caged & squirrel-proof feeders that are perfect for small birds. 

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All of the products above are great examples of feeders that work well for smaller birds. If you have any questions about what bird feeders would work best in your garden, or questions about anything to do with birds at all, feel free to get in touch with the experts here at Really Wild Bird Food.

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