Bird feeding on a table

Wild birds vary quite a bit in size and feeding habits, which is why there are so many different types of bird feeder on the market.

When you're trying to choose the best bird feeder for your garden, think carefully about which birds you're hoping to attract. This will inform your purchase - for example, some birds are ground feeders, whereas others prefer to forage in bushes and trees.

(Of course, you can always set up several different feeders in your garden so as to attract a wider variety of birds!)

If you're not sure what kind of bird feeder to purchase, read on to learn about the different feeder types and which bird species they are most likely to attract.


Hanging feeders

If you'd like to welcome lots of small wild birds to your garden, hanging feeders are a brilliant option.

We stock a wide range of hanging seed feeders here at Really Wild Bird Food. Choose a standard hanging tube feeder such as the Big Easy™ Seed Feeder, or go for a more decorative feeder like our Peckish Acorn Treat Feeder.

Big Easy Seed Feeder

PICTURED: Big Easy™ Seed Feeder

Hanging seed feeders in your garden will likely attract beautiful little birds such as blue tits and robins.


Ground feeders

Ground feeders can hold a variety of different bird feeds, including seed mixes, suet pellets and sunflower hearts. They're ideal for attracting birds like thrushes and blackbirds who prefer to eat from the ground.

Just remember that ground feeders should always be positioned in a safe place away from busy walkways, predators and other greedy pests.

If you're after a ground feeder, we highly recommend the National Trust Square Ground Feeding Table. It's a highly versatile feeder and perching birds will love the space to settle.

Ground feeding table

PICTURED: National Trust Square Ground Feeding Table

This feeder also includes a mesh platform that allows water to drain through, preventing any food from getting too soggy when it rains.


Suet and fat feeders

Wild birds sometimes struggle to find enough high-energy foods, particularly during the cold winter months. Fortunately, we humans can assist them!

Serving up calorie-rich treats like fat balls and other suet feeds can be a great way to help your local birds stay warm and take in enough energy to make it through the day.

You'll find plenty of fab suet feeders here on the Really Wild Bird Food website. If you're not sure which feeder to choose, we think the Nuttery Hexihaus Feeder for fat balls and suet cakes is a great option. It's sure to attract a wide range of wild birds, plus it's designed to stop any pesky squirrels from stealing their food.

Suet fat ball feeder

PICTURED: Nuttery Hexihaus Feeder

Suet feeders are likely to attract lots of garden birds, including thrushes, wrens and woodpeckers.


Peanut feeders

Did you know that birds love peanuts and peanut butter? If you're looking for a new way to entice wild birds into your garden, try putting out some tasty treats like peanuts or peanut butter. Peanuts are a great source of protein, and they're loved by all sorts of wild birds such as blue jays and members of the tit family.

There are lots of peanut feeders to choose from on our website - we recommend the Apollo Peanut Feeder if you're a busy birder looking for something that's easy to clean and can be dismantled quickly.

Peanut feeder

PICTURED: Apollo Peanut Feeder

If you'd like to try using peanut butter to attract birds then one of our fantastic peanut butter feeders will do the trick. Just make sure that you only use bird-friendly peanut butter, as regular peanut butter contains too much salt.

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Once you've decided which bird feeders to place in your garden, the next step is to figure out where you're going to put them! For more information, see Where Should I Put My Bird Feeder?