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summer birds

Getting outside to watch the birds is one of the great pleasures of British summer. When the weather is warm, the sun is beaming and nature is blossoming, there's nothing better than sitting in your garden with a cuppa and watching the world go by. 

As you may already know, many of our British bird species migrate to warmer pastures for the winter but return to us in summer. This spectacular influx of birds is something that we at Really Wild Bird Food look forward to every year! 

There really is no better time to take up birdwatching, but one question we get asked a lot is - "What birds should I look out for this summer?" 

Well, you're in luck. We've put together this list to help you identify some of the most common bird species that will be gracing your gardens this summer. We hope you enjoy learning about these different birds, and please tag us in your photos on Twitter and Facebook if you see any yourself!



Identifying a swallow is pretty straightforward, they have a distinct red chin and long feathers on each side of their tails. Unfortunately, there has been a noticeable decline in the number of swallows here in the UK this year. We did some investigating to find out why this is, and we've put all the information we found in this great blog - Where are all the swallows this year?



The chaffinch is one of the most common species you can expect to see here in the UK. Male chaffinches, like the one pictured above, have a distinct blue/grey head and pink/orange cheeks and breast. Young chaffinches and female chaffinches can be a little trickier to identify, they are much duller in colour with only their distinct wing bars giving them away.


Starlings arrive every summer in large numbers and they really are a joy to see! Keep your eyes peeled for the unmistakably yellow pointed beak and the purple/blue metallic sheen that looks beautiful in the summer sun. The way that starlings fly is direct, fast and with rapid wing beats. They can often be seen in huge flocks - a spectacle to behold. If you want to attract starlings into your garden, why not give our dried mealworms a go?


Sparrows are very small yet active birds (they very rarely stay still!) Identifying them can be tricky, there most obvious feature is the field markings on their wings. Most sparrows have at least one strong field mark which you should be able to spot from a distance. We tend to find that sparrows gather at our water bath, they tend to linger longer if there's drinking water and bathing facilities! Here are a few more tips to attract sparrows to your garden.


Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we love, love, love goldfinches! Just look at how beautiful they are. With their striking red and black faces, yellow bars and brown-streaked breast, these really are one of the most exciting birds to look out for in summer. They're found all across the UK and regularly appear in large numbers. Goldfinches love niger seeds, so if you want to entice them into your garden, why not try our Goldfinch Taster Feeder?

Summer Bird Care Tips:

  • Provide them with a source of water for drinking and bathing
  • Make sure there is plenty of healthy bird food out (this will also benefit you as you'll be able to see more species!)
  • Plant some flowers and hedges so birds can shelter from the heat
  • Keep feeders clean and seeds dry. Warm, humid conditions can lead to mould growth
  • Avoid putting pesticides on your garden plants, this can make your summer visitors really sick

If you'd like any more information about spotting, feeding and caring for British birds this summer, don't hesitate to drop us an email -