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Regularly cleaning and disinfecting bird feeders are just as important as filling them - especially in efforts to prevent salmonellosis, a bacterial disease that kills many small birds.

Salmonellosis occurs when a food source is contaminated with fecal matter. Since 1970, when the bacterial disease was first diagnosed fatalities around bird feeders have become more common and have been witnessed in many bird species throughout the world.

Cleanliness is of prime importance when it comes to the bird feeders. It is necessary to keep the feeders clean in order to avoid fungal growth which can be hazardous to the health of many birds. Dirty feeders can cause a lot of diseases and so it is always better to maintain cleanliness and keep the feeders dry as much as possible.

This time of the year however, with the natural harvest available in plenty, the birds are less likely to feed from the feeders. Nevertheless it is always better to leave some stocked feeders out in the garden just in case. Since the number of birds coming to the feeders in autumn will be fewer, it makes sense to avoid filling the feeders completely.

This is also perhaps the best time to properly clean and sterilize the bird tables and tube feeders to prepare them for the winter. This quite essential cleaning job which can be tedious at times but can be made easy with Ark-Klens. This brush is made to make your cleaning job easy and is perfect for tubular feeders, and help in cleaning thoroughly without any scratches.

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