In this blog you will find ways to attract more wildlife to your garden. From birds to bugs, seeing wildlife in your garden is such a special treat! Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we have a wide range of wildlife products designed to help attract wildlife to your garden. 



If there’s one thing that most dogs have in common, it’s a healthy appetite. Even after a perfectly sizeable meal, they’re still eyeing up whatever you’ve got in your hands, and it sure looks really yummy.

If given the opportunity, some dogs will gobble up anything they can get their paws on, from your breakfast right off your plate to bird seed that has fallen from your bird feeder.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, your own pooch has probably helped themselves to some bird feed, and you’re looking for information as to whether or not you should be worried. So, is bird seed bad for dogs?


Disinfectant for bird feeders

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your bird feeders is just as important as filling them - especially when it comes to preventing salmonellosis, a bacterial disease that kills many small birds.

Salmonellosis occurs when a food source is contaminated with faecal matter. Since 1970, when the bacterial disease was first diagnosed, fatalities around bird feeders have become more common and have been witnessed in many bird species throughout the world.


When Bird baths are an artificial pool or shallow basin filled with water, which is made for birds to bathe in, cool off and…unlike for humans!…drink the bath water. Bird baths provide a safe place for wild birds to bathe as birds require bathing to keep feathers clean and flexible and to maintain their skin healthy.

A bird bath provides a reliable source of water for birds and encourages wild birds into your garden.. in the summer to take bath and in the winter to drink ice free water. Hopefully the bird bath will be safe from predators.

A good looking bird bath makes a wonderful feature in any garden and draws a variety of entertaining birds to your garden.