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National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week was established and developed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) to provide a focus on nesting birds and to support their conservation and local biodiversity. It encourages the placement of nest boxes in your local area, at a time when small birds traditionally pair up ahead of the breeding season.

Natural nest sites such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast, so our native birds need all the help they can get to find a safe spot to breed. Birds may even use the nest box year-round, roosting cosily in it during the winter months. More...

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Best Nest Box

National Nest Box Week is great for birds. Starting on Valentine's Day, NNBW takes place each year from the 14th to the 21st of February, and after 10 years it is now an established part of the ornithological calendar.

Nest Box Week reminds us to provide homes for dozens of different species, from blue tits to barn owls. While many people now use bird food to attract wild birds to their gardens, there is often a shortage of nesting opportunities for these feathered friends.

What's the best nest box for your birds?

We supply a range of nest boxes to cater for most of the varied requirements of the smaller birds in your garden.

  • The CedarPlus is a durable timber nest box that's made of natural cedar wood. It is available with 2 different sizes of entrance hole: the 32mm entrance hole is ideal for a wide range of birds, including tits, redstarts, nuthatches, pied flycatchers, house sparrows and tree sparrows; the 26mm is specifically designed for smaller birds such as blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits, and possibly wrens.

  • Another great nest box for our dwindling sparrow population is the CedarPlus Triple Sparrow House. Both house sparrows and tree sparrows are sociable birds that like to nest in colonies, and the Triple Sparrow House is designed to provide comfortable accommodation for three pairs, nesting side by side. The front door hinges forward for easy inspection, and the aluminium fixing nail will not damage the tree on which you hang the box.

  • For robins and other birds that prefer an open-fronted design (rather than a hole), we offer the CedarPlus Open Fronted Nest Box. This product enables robins to hop into the box after alighting on a nearby branch.

  • A favourite for wrens is the Roundhouse Wren Box. These spherical nest boxes will attract wrens to your garden - your chances of success will be greater if you put up two or three Roundhouses in suitable sites. Manufactured by Schwegler, the Roundhouse Wren Box meets the wren's requirements for nesting in a round nest hole that's lined with moss, feathers and fur. Made from Schwegler's tried and tested wood-concrete, the Roundhouse provides excellent protection from nest predators. Not only does it house wrens while they're bringing up their young, it also provides a place where these birds can sleep in the winter. Wren nest boxes should be hung close to the ground (as wrens are not very good fliers - they prefer to hop through the undergrowth and shady places such as hedges, thickets, bushes, and heavily overgrown areas).

Unsure of the best nest box for your garden birds? Get in touch with the experts at Really Wild Bird Food!