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Swallows are an interesting species of bird. These birds tend to return to their previous nests after their long and tiring migration journeys from their winter locations. At the onset of the spring you generally start receiving these tiny feathered friends around the roof tops looking for a nest to prepare for their next brood. The swallows are not usually very picky and can even settle in cavities that exist here and there or might even make use of some other existing nests. There are of course those swallows who like to create new nests using soft mud. These birds tend to build their nests in places that are well hidden from the bigger predators as also safe from the harsh weather.

But in case of dry spring weather there can be a problem because of the lack of soft mud that is an essential ingredient for swallows nests. At Really Wild Bird Food Company we offer durable boxes that more or less bear a resemblance to the nests that the swallows build themselves. In case of lack of soft mud, these nests are the next best thing for the swallow breeding and since these birds are not very picky and can make do with what is available, you can be sure that the nests that you put out will soon become a swallow’s home. You can put out these durable nests in your roof area or outside buildings or any other place that is not too exposed and well protected with