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Recently, a long-term customer came into the shop to make a purchase. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except she had brought with her an envelope full of old catalogues and receipts from us, wanting to know if any of it was still relevant. 

We were pleasantly surprised and delighted when she pulled out a 2009 catalogue! We thought it had long gone, and memories came flooding back for Sian who remembers very well sitting at her desk and laying out the design herself using Microsoft Publisher; not to mention the printing and stapling involved in the operation.

We sent the customer on her way with a brand new 2019 catalogue, of course, (now outsourced!) but have kept a copy of the 2009 version in the office for posterity. A lot of our seed mixes and the products we sell have remained the same, but some we had forgotten about - suet coated peanuts, anyone...? Dried earthworms...?

Have a look closely at the photos below, and you can even see how little our prices have increased in 10 years, a few pounds at most!  Some seed mixes have even come down in price as they have gained in popularity - Deluxe Robin Crumble for one.



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