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Bee on a sunflower

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has devastated the UK in many different ways. We've mourned tens of thousands of deaths. The country's GDP has fallen by more than 20 per cent. Unemployment has soared. Children have missed months of school, and families have been unable to spend time together.

But if all that bad news has made you desperate for a silver lining, here it is: the Great Lockdown of 2020 appears to have been quite beneficial for UK wildlife.


Bird in a nest

Spring is almost here, which means that birds up and down the country will be preparing for the arrival of their youngsters by building cosy nests up in the trees.

Birds only spend a short amount of time building their nests, but still manage to build them in a design that's completely unique to their breed.

If you spend some time amongst nature during March and April, you'll be able to see nests cropping up all over the place! More...

Latest in at Really Wild Bird Food online birdfeed store is a great variety of items to encourage a varied wildlife in addition to birds to your garden.

We now have in stock attractive ceramic Frog and Toad Houses and mini mammal houses for frogs and other small mammals. The frog houses are your best habitat options for the frogs and other small amphibians. They provide good protection from larger predators. These are a cool and safe retreat for the animals and will definitely encourage wildlife in your garden. The Frogitats come in an earthy green colour that blends in easily with the garden creating a natural retreat for the animals. Made out of solid timber this house will last. The recycled inner skin and the decorative outer log give it a great appearance and provides the animals with extra insulation.

More new products on offer is a little something for the swans and ducks. We stock some floating food for swans, ducks and other waterfowl. Our Swan and Duck food can be fed from the ground or scattered on water as the nuggets are dry and lightweight. These easily float on water for a long time making them accessible even for the slow eaters!

We are all encouraged to host a wide variety of wildlife in the garden. Apart from garden birds you can encourage bees, bats, butterflies and lots more bugs etc.

One way is to establish more wild flowers. At Really Wild Bird Food we have a wide range of wildflower seeds to transform your garden into a haven for the pollinating species! These wildflower seeds are a blend of extremely colourful ANNUAL garden and wild flowers perfect for brightening up areas of the large garden, estate or farm. With a striking mass of flower heads it attracts many different insects and invertebrates.

We also stock an interesting range of new homes for the Bees, Butterflies and Bugs. These are also the best and the most effective means to encourage a wide variety of bees, bugs and butterflies to your garden. These gorgeous and attractive new homes are lovely for them and will help in turning your garden very wildlife friendly.

See, for example The Original Bug Box
This is an attractive dual chamber insect habitat which can be hung from trees, pergolas, hanging brackets, or near ponds or scented plants. It provides an over-wintering habitat for insects like Ladybirds (natural aphid predators) and a home for Solitary Bees (non-aggressive garden pollinators) and other beneficial insects during the summer. Offering a variety of potential habitats, the top section is made of variable sized canes and the lower of bored solid timber. It is robustly screwed together and made from durable FSC timber with a roof of oak/acacia, or similar, which is naturally resistant to weathering.

To help you know more about your garden visitors, we have a wide range of Field Guides to help identify what you see.

Check out our website for all these wonderful new products!


 hedgehog habitats

Photo courtesy of Jared Belson

There are about 17 different hedgehog species all over the world. Hedgehogs are commonly found across a number of rural as well as urban habitats and are found in almost all parts of Britain. Woodlands are their natural habitats and they often prefer being near hedgerows which provide them with the ideal place for nesting and also a steady supply of feed and protection from the predators.

Hedgehogs are also frequent visitors to our gardens as these gardens provide them with plenty of food that is naturally available as well as the supplementary supply put out by people. Gardens also provide them with a safe place for nesting and even in certain cases hibernation. This is the main reason why hedgehogs are often found in high numbers in urban areas.

Since hedgehogs are frequent visitors to our gardens, we have introduced new wicker Igloo Houses, especially for these special friends. These houses offer the hedgehogs as well as certain other mammals a safe retreat for nesting and resting, protecting them from hazards such as predators and man-made hazards such as garden machinery etc. These Igloo Houses are dome shaped with a durable and waterproof steel frame coated with brushwood and moss which offers effective camouflage.

Placing these Igloos in sheltered areas with an additional camouflage of twigs etc might ensure that these are used not just for nesting but for hibernation as well. The tiny entrance of the house makes it difficult for the large predators to gain access inside thus making these safe havens for the hedgehogs. These wicker Igloo Houses are the perfect options to lure the hedgehogs to your garden and create a permanent home for them on your property.

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In addition to bird feed we now offer a wildflower seeds to enable you to grow your own area of wild flowers that is so beneficial for wildlife. The new seed mixes in stock include the Cornflower Annuals, Bumblebee Mixture, Blaze and the Old English Meadow.

If you are looking for something that will last the entire summer, then the Cornflower Annuals are your best choice. Often found in the corn fields these beautiful bright flowers will bring in a mass of colour to your garden and are also great for insects and birds as the provide pollen and nectar. A light cultivation of the land will also ensure new growth as these multiply by dropping their seed.

Our bumblebee mix is a beautiful colourful blend that flowers from May to November and can last a good five years. This blend is your best option to encourage bees and can infuse your garden with fresh colour as well as make your garden a haven for bumble bees and honey bees.

Blaze is a blend of extremely colourful annual garden and wild flowers and is the perfect recipe for adding colour to your garden or land. The striking mass of flower heads will also attract many different insects and invertebrates. If taken good care of, this beautiful mix could last up to three years.

Our final option is the Old English Meadow. This is a blend of common general purpose wildflower mix such as Cowslip, Common Vetch, Birdsfood Trefoil, Ox-eye Daisy, Sainfoin and Greater Knapweed. This traditional old English seed mix provides a mass of flowers.

As we begin to see the end of winter and the beginning of spring it is time to check our gardens are good places for birds to thrive. First on the check list is to ensure there is a suitable place for birds to eat and drink, then there is the need to provide adequate nesting boxes.

To provide suitable places for birds to eat erect a bird feeding table and position it close to cover like a bush to provide cover in case birds feel exposed to danger of attack in open spaces. Obviously once you have a good bird feeding table you need to stock up with good bird feed that attracts the right birds.

While birds are easily lured by good bird food, there is also the matter of bird water baths. These can attract a variety of birds to your garden as they need clean water to drink and to keep their feathers clean.

The installation of bird nesting boxes in your garden will be a great help to birds. There is a wide variety of nesting boxes for birds easily available on the market. Varieties vary in material, sizes and size of entry hole. Due consideration needs also to be given to sitting of a bird box as different locations suit different bird species. You can have multiple bird nests in your garden placed slightly away from one another.

Bird nests that are a little weathered will be more inviting to the tiny garden birds than the very new ones.

At Really Wild Bird Feed we provide everything you need to provide a bird friendly environment in your garden. Whether it is bird feeding stations, bird baths, bird food, bird feeding station cleaning products or bird nesting boxes.