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This is the time of year when garden bird numbers soar as fledglings appear en- masse.
This is also the most critical time of year to offer high quality, easily digestible food, especially if the weather is dodgy and the insect population is low.
That is because if you feed more youngsters now - you will have more adults all year - it is a simple equation!
Here are some ideas for you to help fill those hungry beaks over the next few months!
High Energy Fledgling Mix - NEW for 2017!
  • Mini pieces make easy feeding for   
             fledglings and adults with little beaks
  • Highly Digestible
  • Ultra High Energy
  • A 'no-mess' mix which won't grow or sprout
  • It is delicious!
  • Save 10% when you try it!
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Mini Suet Pellets - NEW for 2017
  • Peanut and cherry flavour
  • With added calcium to aid bone growth and
              improve bone density
  •  Perfect for fledgelings and younger adults
               who will find them easier to manage
  • Available in handy re-sealable 3kg tubs
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Live Mealworms
Live mealworms are the best source of protein and water for nestlings

Read my vet page on feeding live mealworms.

Advice and answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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