As you may have already noticed, we've had a bit of a makeover here at Our new website went live yesterday, and we're very happy with it - we hope you like it too!

Not only does our website have an eye-catching new look, it also has responsive functionality that makes it easier to browse and buy our products on a smartphone or tablet. The dynamic design 'responds' to the size of the screen you're using, giving you a smooth online shopping experience across all kinds of different devices! More...

We at Really Wild Bird Food offer an extensive range of stand-alone feeder cages and guardians, which can be used with your existing feeders to make life much more difficult for squirrels and large, unwelcome birds like seagulls and pigeons. We also stock Nuttery caged bird feeders, which include both the guardian and the feeder itself.

Click here to browse our full range of feeder guardians, or choose from the featured products listed below. Remember, we offer FREE delivery on all feeders IF you also order seeds or live worms from our Bird Foods department.

Feeder Guardian

Droll Yankee Bird Feeder Guardian

Two sizes available (small or large). Compatible with Droll Yankee tubular feeders.

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A delicious and very high energy seed mix, containing crunchy dried mealworms for extra protein and delicious berry flavoured suet pellets for extra warming calories.

Well - who doesn't put on a few pounds over Christmas?!

This crumble is a real winter-warmer for your resident robin and will be loved by other soft-billed garden visitors such as thrushes, dunnocks and blackbirds. This mix also contains home grown naked oats, home grown millet, sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal and peanut granules.

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Around this time of year (mid to late November) when average daily temperatures start to fall and the seeds, masts and fruits in the hedgerows are pretty much eaten up, garden birds will start to return to your feeders. The seed-eaters like tits, finches, robins, dunnocks, blackbirds etc will visit feeders and will fill up on dry seed. However, it is a bit like having toast in the morning without an accompanying cup of tea if you don't also offer them clean drinking water!

Most garden birds do need to drink at least twice a day. They lose water through respiration and droppings. Really lucky people have a free-flowing stream or river running through their gardens and will notice that birds will find easy access points where they can drink and bathe in relative safety. For us less fortunate, putting out a birdbath, or an upturned metal dustbin lid, and keeping the supply of water clean, will be gratefully received. Here are a few water 'top tips' to make winter healthy for your birds and easy for you! More...